"the new jean fold at HCO is fantastic!"

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Anonymous Asked: what does it mean to audit the jean wall? Like what do you have to do

  • LOOOOOLLLLL. Auditing is basically counting EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. THERE. 
  • Depending on what they have available, you’ll either do this by hand or on the gun.
  • Then, you’ll basically just log all the jeans based on style and size.
  • It’s an easy job, but oh so tedious! Item count easily goes into the hundreds and no one ever seems to size order jeans properly!
  • Why does it matter how many jeans there are? One is for inventory purposes. And two, it’s to see if more jeans are needed for this size or if this size has too many jeans, etc. etc.
  • LOOOOOL. Have fun. XD

Anonymous Asked: Hi, I been working at Hollister for a few months now and my shifts have been very limited. My manager said I need to make myself as free as possible so I did, I booked over 7 hours nearly everyday of the week but still I never got scheduled in. I don't get it, how much more available am I meant to make myself?

  • Scheduling depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to, seniority, manager favor-ability, work ethics, and  availability.
  • Being friendly and personable and working hard are the best ways to get more shifts.
  • As for availability, seven hours a day isn’t actually a lot. I once had someone tell me that 70+ hours/ week availability is “decent” availability. (Crazy, I know.)
  • Also, it depends on when you’re available. For example, if you can work mornings, you’re almost guaranteed to get shifts since everyone else is busy at that time with school and stuff. If you can only work evenings and weekends, there’s more hours, but then there’s also A LOT more competition for those shifts, with most associates being students and all.
  • If you feel like you’re not getting enough hours, bring it up to your managers (don’t be whiny about it though). “Hey, if you ever need someone to work [your availability], feel free to call me in. I’d love to get more shifts!”
  • But again, I feel like if you want to be scheduled more, be the type of associate that your manager would want to schedule more. Work hard, be friendly!
  • Hope that helped.

Anonymous Asked: Hey well I just had my interview on Tuesday & I was wondering when id be expecting a call if I got the job, I was recruited. Do they hire in June ?

  • A lot more associates are needed in the summer since more people do their shopping then.
  • Your interviewer should have explained this already, but if you got the job, the call-back generally takes a week from your interview date. In special circumstances, it’ll take two.
  • Good luck. :)

Anonymous Asked: What does impact do? I originally interviewed for Model, but then they wanted me to interview for impact and I got the job.

Impacts work mainly in the stockroom. Some responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the stockroom.
  • Prepping shipment. Getting shipment items out of the boxes, folded, and onto the stockroom shelves (“bays”).
  • Pulling USRs and merchandise prep. Getting stuff from the bays, folded, and onto the sales floor.
  • Prepping go-backs. Anything that customers don’t want have to be re-folded and need to “go back” to its place on the sales floor.

There are pros of being in either position. Impacts generally have less supervision than the models so working can be more relaxed, they generally don’t have to interact with customers, and working/ talking in the stock room mostly has proved to establish strong bonds between the impacts!

Good luck with the job. :)

Anonymous Asked: What is the orientation at Hollister like? Should I be dressed acording to the look policy?

  • Orientation at Hollister is simple. 
  • They’ll go over the information that  you gave in your application (SSN, birthday, availability, etc.) and have you fill out forms if needed.
  • You’ll get your associates card (used to clock into work and to get your associate’s discount).
  • Then you’ll watch some videos explaining some stuff. Models will watch vids on how to prevent theft in store. Try to pay attention to these videos even if they’re a bit corny - your managers might quiz you on them later. If you don’t remember everything, that’s fine too because your managers will explain anything that’s a bit foggy.
  • If all goes well, you’ll also get to buy your AAA’s/ work uniform using your associate’s discount. Note that you don’t have to buy it on orientation day, but bring some money just in case.
  • And no, you don’t have to dress in look policy. Wear whatever you want.
  • Congrats on the job and have fun! :)

Anonymous Asked: I got recruited at Abercrombie Kids but I really want to work at Hollister instead. Do you think I have a good chance at being hired at Hollister or do they go for different looks?

The concepts at both stores are slightly different, but in general they go for the same look (someone who is “natural” but well-kempt). So yes, I do think you have a shot at HCo. and yes, I think you should go for it and good luck. :D

Anonymous Asked: I have an interview soon but I don't know how much makeup I should wear...I don't want to go completely bare faced because I still want to look put together so how much is an acceptable amount?

If you opt to wear makeup, go for the “natural” look and go with your better judgement on what you deem is natural or natural-looking. Personally, I wear tinted moisturizer (or light foundation and concealer), a swipe of mascara, and lip balm and I tightline my eyes. Good luck on your interview. :)

Anonymous Asked: Is it possible for Hollister to make an call-back even after a week? Friday was the 7 day 'deadline' but it was a public holiday? Is it possible that they were to busy to call or is it that I didn't get the job?

I’ve known of call-backs that have taken up to three weeks, so yes, it is possible, though it isn’t probable. :/

Anonymous Asked: What does ACR mean? As in "ACR absence type"

It stands for “availability change request.”